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Join the book club just for Christian teens!

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Welcome to the Young Adult Christian Book Club, an online community for teens who love to read and those who love to read young adults books of any age.
We'll talk about mainstream and Christian books-- what you got from them and how they effected you.   If you love books as much as I do, but can't find the right place for you to talk about them in a Christian atmosphere, this place is for you.
Each month we'll pick two books-- one Christian pick and one mainstream-- to discuss.   I'd like to start after the holidays, so if you get any good books for Christmas, email me your picks to get us started.   We'll try to give everyone enough time to get to the library or a bookstore (or bum a copy from your BFF) before the month starts.
In the meantime, you can sign up as a YAC-er here.   It's free!
Our book choices for the month of January are

In the City of Ember, its always night.   The generators that feed the city its few hours of light each day is starting to break down, and  the rumors say that one day it won't turn on at all.   Other things are starting to break down in Ember as well-- the citys Great Stockrooms are emptying and many kinds of food and medicine are now simply memories for the elders.
When Lina, a city messenger, finds a tattered piece of paper with a strange print that looks like Instructions, she sends Doon, an old schoolmate and now Pipeworks laborer, and herself into an adventure to save Ember.

Morgan Menzie takes readers through a harrowing but ultimately hopeful and inspiring account of her eating disorder. Her amazing story is told through the journals she kept during her daily struggle with this addiction and disease. Her triumphs and tragedies all unfold together in this beautiful story of God's grace.

Features include: daily eating schedule, journal entries, prayers to God, poems, and what she wished she knew at the time. Its the true story of victory over a disease that is killing America's youth.

Read a good book today!