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On Tour: The Perfect Girl


The Perfect Girl is an adorable book for girls. Jenna Rose is realistic; a confused teenager missing her best friend and trying to fit into a new community.

I was surprised at the depth of emotions portrayed in this first volume in the On Tour series.... an addictive read which I found difficult to put down. 

This series should be on your list of definite buys.

I found myself wanting to push quickly through the book to find the answers and then realized that I didn't want the story to end at the same time. I can hardly wait to read the sequel! ~ Amazon reader

I love Jenna Rose's sarcastic tone. I see religion the same way she does which is pretty cool for a Christian book. This is a pretty realistic portrayal of Christian kids, and I think more books need to do that. ~Barnes and Noble reader

I got the first two books for christmas and I already read both of them. Can't wait till the next two books come out so I can read them. Keep it up! ~Nichole, post in guestbook

What do you think of it?

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Read an excerpt!

Chapter 1

A smile spread across Jenna Rose Brinley's face as her eyes fell on the title of the hymn about to be sung. She couldn't have scripted it better herself. There's nothing like an entrance to get noticed, and well, belting out the song that she had just performed as a solo at her home church days before should do the trick quite well.

When her father told her that he was discussing taking the associate pastor's position at Faith Calvary Temple, Jenna Rose was furious. She was about to enter her freshman year-- which meant homecoming courts, varsity dance squad, and most importantly, one of the best woman's choirs in the state. There was no reason that he needed to uproot them and move to the middle of Ohio, of all places in the world. Life was good. Starting all over again was not in her immediate plans.

But, like usual, he did as he pleased without discussing things with her first.

From his seat across from the pulpit, her father caught her eye. He looked small sitting there in his dark blue double-breasted suit against the purple hues all around the sanctuary, his hair parted and brushed stiffly against his head. His frame looked lost in the heavily carved, high-backed chair. There was a lot of purple here in this room, she realized as she looked around. He smiled and nodded as if to say, "Memorize that shade, sweetie, because we need to go find me a tie to go with it." Too bad she wasn't telepathic--she would suggest that a Barney the Dinosaur suit would be just about as easy to find as that hideous shade for a tie-- except maybe in a clown shop. Something told her that he would find the suggestion less than amusing. File the Barney reference away for a conversation with Amy. Her best friend would get it even if she were hundreds of miles away.

As the pianist started the song, a twinkle seemed to rest in Carl Brinley's eyes. She loved that glimmer. It was a spark that was saved for only his daughter at her finest moments. Unfortunately, it didnt show itself that often. Most of the time, he was too busy to care. This time, he seemed to know as well as she did that his one and only baby girl was about to make her entrance.

Her voice rose strong above the reserved congregation.

Even Jenna Rose was caught with surprise as the voices began to trail off. By the second verse, she was going it alone. Her eyes were closed as usual when she sang, but she could feel their stares all around her. Her voice fed off their silence-- others may say that the audiences adulation makes their performance better-- not Jenna Rose. Awe and silence meant they were spellbound. And spellbound was the way she liked to leave them.

The last chords of the piano wafted through the sanctuary as she dutifully lowered her chin in prayer stance. Fighting back a smile, she cleared her throat and clutched her Bible close to her chest.

Jenna Rose Brinley has arrived.

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