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That's probably the most frequent thing adults and teens both say to me when they hear what I do for a living.
I'm a writer, not a publisher, so I'm not going to be able to get you published.   But I can offer some advice and some links that have helped me along the way.
Writing can be just for fun.   I started out writing in school as a way to entertain my best bud Mist, and it grew from there.   As I got older and my writing got better, I came to find out that I could have fun AND maybe make a bit of money at the same time.
I have to say that I'm not an expert on the subject of publication.   I could go into a long, drawn-out report on the business side of writing, but I won't.   (Mainly because it would border on plagarism.)
Instead, I'll offer up some links to some of the sites and resources that helped me get to where I am.
You want to be a writer?   Fantastic!   I will offer up the two secret words to becoming a writer-- READ and WRITE.
You do that and you're halfway there.



For me, the biggest difference between being published (i.e. breaking in) and not, is perseverance.  That's my biggest advice.  The writer has to really want it badly enough to persevere regardless of rejection.
~Laurie Stolarz, author Red is for Rememberance
I think some good advice (meaning, I sure wish I'd done it!) is to become very familiar with the business of publishing.  The best ways:  work at a publishing house, library, or bookstore.  It seems like so many of my writer friends have done this, and I think it played a big part in their landing book deals.  It's more than just "Read"; it's "Make books your whole life."
That, and hire a book doctor, not because they're so brilliant, but because they'll at least knock you off your pedastle and get you to see beyond your own hype.  Likewise, join a harsh (but supportive) critique group.  Anything to force you to see your own work with brutally honest eyes.
~Brent Hartinger, author of Last Chance Texaco
As for advice to aspiring writers -- I found it very encouraging when I was early in the game to read how-to articles and books that said (among other things) that if I was reading this, I was ahead of 90% of the pack.  In other words, one thing that sets unpublished writers apart (as you no doubt know) is their willingness to research the markets, be thoughtful about where they submit, how they prepare their manuscripts, etc. 
~Christopher Tebbets, author The Viking saga 1-4



Writer's Digest magazine- subscription magazine but good online resource
The Writer magazine- another one (but better fiction info IMO)


Spirit Led Writer- online Christian writing resource lots of info and how-to's on writing for teens and children
The Purple Crayon- lots of info on the business of children's writing
Women on Writing- nice monthly zine on the craft of writing
Kid Mag Writers- great site specifically for magazine writing for children


Momwriters- writing community for anyone-- if you can stand the occasional potty training thread along with your market news
Faithwriters- free membership- Christian online community


Face Out Books-great review site highlighting mid-grade/young adult Christian fiction


Urban Dictionary-definitive slang dictionary online






Rainy Day Corner- excellent pub for writers of all ages-- lots of articles for teen and kid writers

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