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Foster Parenting and Domestic Adoption

I had to use some space to share a bit about my passion-- foster parenting and domestic adoption.

I love being a foster parent. I couldn't imagine a better way that God could use me.
Some day soon, my husband and I will join the ranks of adoptive parents. We're still waiting for the chance to be that forever family for a child or three.
Adopting domestically doesn't cost a fortune. In fact, most fees are waved, and, in some cases, financial support for children with special needs can be given monthly after the adoption takes place.
Foster care "special needs" is different than the "special needs" term in international adoption. Foster care special needs include:
     *sibling groups of any age
     *children of minority heritage
     *sexually abused children
     *children with mental, developmental, or physical limitations



Gina and Marcus are a Texas duo in search of a forever home. You can find out more about them and other children waiting for a family by clicking on any of the pictures on this page.


These Ohio twins have some special needs, but what they need the most is the love of forever parents.


Danielle is a Native American preschooler waiting for an adoptive placement in a home with a similar heritage.


Wow! Can you believe it? Eight siblings!
If I had the room for eight right now, they would be with me. I just pray that a special family opens their heart for all of them. The worst that can happen to large sibling groups is what usually does-- they get split up.



This is 7 year-old Donnel who is waiting for a forever home in the New England area so he can stay in contact with his brother. You can learn more about Donnel and the thousands of other children in the US who are waiting for an adoptive home like yours by clicking on his picture.
You don't have to be rich to adopt. You don't have to be married or own your own home. You just have to be able to open your heart to a child that needs someone to love him. It's not expensive to adopt through the foster care system-- in most cases, it won't cost you a cent.
You can find out more by calling your local Children's Services in your county or following the links on any of the children's pictures. Join me in giving one of our own children a chance at a real life.


This darling sister trio is waiting for a home. Could it be yours?


Six-year-old Theresa melts the heart, doesn't she?

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