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Are you looking for a professional edit or critique for your proposal or manuscript?

Why do I need a professional edit?
Many novice writers turn to their family and friends for advice on their work, and that's good for feeding the ego. Once a writer reaches the stages of seeking publication, a more thorough, objective critique is needed. The slots available for new authors on a publishing house's schedule shrinks each year as the submissions to fill those spots increase. Well-plotted stories are getting overlooked because of errors in grammar, punctuation, and the like. A professional edit or critique will help you put your best work forward immediately.
Is your work guaranteed?
I am not an agent or a publisher. I cannot guarantee that your work will be picked up by a publisher, nor am I available to help you find a publisher. That part of the process is your responsibility. What I can offer as a guarantee is that I will do my best to help you polish your work to the best that it can be if you follow the direction given.
What will this cost me?
Please email me for detailed rates and credentials.

How does this work?

Decide what you'd like to submit for critique. Before submitting, check to make sure that you've proofread your work - this will allow me to spend all my time properly evaluating your manuscript, rather than pointing out obvious typos.

Evaluate what you hope to gain from the critique - make an outline of which points should be covered and whether you want an overall critique or a more detailed analysis of a specific part. Please feel free to include specific information on what you hope to gain from the critique and what points you'd like me to focus on (e.g. point of view, plot structure, voice, etc.).

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Teachers and youth pastors,
Barb is available for talks and visits dealing with publishing, the art of writing, prayer, and her Walk with Christ.   If you would like more information, please contact her through email.

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